Fairtrail 02 (FAI 02)

This course is a deepening of the existing Fairtrail course (FAI 01). This is about both the training of the Fairdinands and a better understanding of the work of the Fairtrail communications campaign. For example, interesting videos show the conflicts guests face on the mountain. Ultimately, the course helps to meet the needs of the guests

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Offer training 02 (ANG 02)

In this course we will give you an in-depth insight into what is currently available for mountain biking in Graubünden. You will find out the most important information about what each destination has to offer directly from the individual product managers. There is also another lesson at the end that deals with the topic of charging stations. This course is particularly aimed at everyone

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Market mountain bike (MAR 01)

The mountain bike market has developed increasingly, especially in the last 10 years. Many social developments have had an influence on the growth. In this course we talk to various market participants about their assessments and experiences on the mountain bike market. In the form of interviews you get a deeper insight into the current developments

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