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A platform for training in mountain bike tourism and non-motorised traffic. 

For whom?

The Allegra Academy offers valuable courses for all service providers and partners who are involved with mountain bike tourism and non-motorised traffic: from product managers to community members, from hotel employees to hiking guides, from authorities to tourism associations.
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What you can expect?

You will find various courses in different topics, like the fundaments of mountainbike tourism. Generally, new courses will be added to the platform constantly.

All courses consist of different lessons with videos, valuable links, reading material and tests. 

You can join at any time and complete the courses of your choice at your own pace.

What's the point?

For you: more knowledge and more competence.

For your destination: There is a lot of expertise in mountain bike tourism and non-motorised traffic. To build a strong fundament in mountainbike tourism it is essential to distribute knowledge among the partners. In this way the quality of experience for users can be manifested and expanded continuously.

Why now?

All types of non-motorised traffic are trendy. Hiking is the most popular sport in Switzerland and has grown by 12% in the last 5 years.

Sport study Switzerland

In 2020, the electric bicycle market reached saturation of 50%. This means that the number of e-bikes in the next 15 years can double.

Bosch E-Bike Systems

Graubünden is the leader in non-motorised traffic. With the Allegra Academy, we want to deepen the knowledge and skills of all partners and thus further increase the quality of experience.

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