(03 MC de) Allegra Masterclass – Phase of systematic growth

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Course description

A structured approach in destination development is crucial. The Exploded View method helps to systematically capture and present the complexity and different aspects of your project. In this masterclass we will cover the Exploded View model and its levels in depth in the context of bike destinations.

After completing this masterclass, participants will gain a deep understanding of the methods, tools and principles needed to develop successful bike destinations. You will have the knowledge and skills to create a sustainable bike destination ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

Course duration:  If you complete several lessons per week and apply and work on them in practice, the course will last several weeks.

Course leader: Team Allegra with over 20 years of experience

Course schedule: This is an online course that can be completed at any time.

Course materials: All materials are included in the course. No additional documents are required.

Participation guidelines: This is an online course and there is no compulsory attendance.

Tasks and quizzes: Throughout the course, participants will take quizzes to test their understanding of the lessons.

Diploma: To receive a diploma, all lessons and the corresponding tasks and quizzes must be completed.

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