Trail Assessments (TAS)

Our comprehensive online course provides a deep dive into trail assessments, covering everything from basic techniques to advanced repair and rehabilitation, with a focus on environmental impacts and user safety. It equips students with practical skills for trail maintenance and the creation of sustainable, long-term maintenance plans.

Navigation: komoot (NAV01)

In this course you will learn everything about the navigation platform Komoot. What this is and how you can use it sensibly, whether as a service provider or destination.

We are Allegra (ALL01)

This internal course is all about Allegra, the history, structure and faces of the company.

Complaints (REK 01)

In this course you will learn how to deal with complaints from guests. This is a particularly helpful course, especially for all employees who are in direct contact with guests.

Introduction to the Allegra Academy

In this introduction course, we will explain in three short lessons how the platform of the Allegra Academy works. You will find out how the interface of the website looks like, how you can register and how the courses are built.

Fairtrail 02 (FAI 02)

This course is a deepening of the existing Fairtrail course (FAI 01). This is both about training the Fairdinands and about better understanding the work of the Fairtrail communication campaign. For example, interesting videos show the conflicts that guests face on the mountain. Ultimately, the course helps to meet the needs of the guests...

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Offer training 02 (ANG 02)

In this course we will give you a deeper insight into the current offer for mountain biking in Graubünden. You will receive the most important information about the offers of the respective destinations directly from the individual product managers. There is also another lesson at the end that deals with the topic of charging stations. This course is aimed at all…

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Introduction Allegra Academy (A 01)

This introductory course explains how the Allegra Academy works in three short lessons. Among other things, the website interface, registration and the structure of the various courses are explained.

Market mountain bike (MAR 01)

The mountain bike market has developed rapidly, especially in the last 10 years. Many social developments have had an impact on the growth. In this course we talk to various market participants about their assessments and experiences of the mountain bike market. In the form of interviews you get a deeper insight into the current developments of the ...

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Room planning (RAU 01)

The basics of spatial planning are not easy to understand, except for specialists in the field. This course provides a comprehensive overview for all people who come into contact with spatial planning in any way.

Maintenance of hiking trails and bike trails (UNT 01)

The requirements for hiking and biking trails have changed in many ways in recent years due to new user groups. In this course you can refresh your knowledge about the maintenance of hiking trails and bike trails, with background knowledge and practical solutions.

Offer training (ANG 01)

In this course you will learn the basics of the current offer for mountain bikers in Graubünden in 8 lessons. This course is aimed in particular at all people who come into direct contact with guests, e.g. employees at information points, at hotel receptions or in a sports shop. Have fun!

The basics of successful mountain bike destinations (BAS 01)

In 28 lessons, learn more about the market, the key factors and the methodological foundations of successful mountain bike destinations. The short videos are peppered with examples from almost two decades of practical experience. These videos were made in 2020 during the first Corona lockdown. The entire course is intended to provide you with basic knowledge on a wide variety of topics in mountain bike tourism, as well as help...

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Fair Trail (FAI 01)

A course to promote togetherness on the Graubünden trails. For users, for communities and for tourism.

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