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The Allegra Masterclass aims to give participants a comprehensive understanding of the methods used by Allegra to develop successful bike destinations. Through a series of lessons, participants will learn the different strategies and techniques used by Allegra. This will build a solid foundation for applying these methods in real projects. This Masterclass 00 is about providing an overview of what will be learned in the more advanced courses.

Course duration: The time required to complete the course is approximately 1 hour.

Course leader: Team Allegra with over 20 years of experience

Course schedule: This is an online course that can be completed at any time.

Course materials: All materials are included in the course. No additional documents are required.

Participation guidelines: This is an online course and there is no compulsory attendance.

Tasks and quizzes: Throughout the course, participants will take quizzes to test their understanding of the lessons.

Diploma: To receive a diploma, all lessons and the corresponding tasks and quizzes must be completed.

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